Elevate Waste Solutions (EWS) is a “hands on” waste firm focusing on the Gulf Coast of Florida. With over 14 years of industry experience, EWS’s owner has made it a goal to not only change the way businesses handle their waste, but to make the communities and areas we live in environmentally friendly and clean.

Cary Stephens


Cary Stephens is the owner of Elevate Waste Solutions, an expense reduction firm that primarily manages the waste and recycling services for businesses in the southeast. After serving in the U.S. Navy, Cary attended St. Leo University, where he received a BA in business management. Cary is a family man with a devotion to God, his beautiful wife, and (now) five boys.

Upon graduating, Cary launched his career in Pensacola, where he began his specialization in waste and expense reduction consulting. That eventually led to a partnership with a prominent company and positions as VP of consulting and then CEO. It was in this capacity that he oversaw the design and implementation of waste management programs for several national restaurant chains, long-term care groups and major hospitals across the U.S.

What Can a Waste Management Agent
Do for Your Business?

Save Money at Every Step

Once a waste management agent has helped your business break down its waste management process and all its related expenses, the next step is to revamp everyone of those steps in a way that reduces costs and, if possible, streamlines the process to consume fewer resources.

Comprehensive Planning

Above all else, a waste management agent will help your business come up with the best plan possible for managing your waste and the associated costs. Many businesses don’t realize just how much the cost of handling, storing, and processing waste can be a drain on their budget, or that there are often easy to implement ways for them to lower their waste associated costs.

Recycling Planning

We provide a comprehensive insight into the recycling process. This can benefit businesses in two ways: by helping reduce the amount of waste they produce (and thus lowering storage and hauling costs), and by helping them build a “green” image that will be attractive to consumers.


A knowledgeable waste management agent will do more than just tweak your trash pickup schedule; they’ll eliminate errors, streamline processes, and help businesses stay within regulatory guidelines so they aren’t hit with unexpected fees and fines.

Why Our Customers Love Us?

Briana Snellgrove
Trademark Properties
Pensacola, FL

Commercial Property Management

"EWS had the ability and expertise to execute 10% savings for our retail shopping center properties the minute that we signed our contract and within 90 days of completing we were saving over 15% per month! He visited our properties weekly and even notifies tenants himself if anything changes. I would recommend EWS to any company that produces waste!"

Kim Bruce
Sr, Manager, Procurement
Golden Living Centers

National Long-Term Care Provider

Cary managed the trash, recycling and medical waste disposal for our 300+ properties for 8 years. We were very pleased with the service and savings we received. Would definitely recommend his services to any company looking to cut costs in these areas.

Peter Harrington
The Drowsy Poet Coffee
Pensacola, FL

Small Business Owner

During our free waste evaluation Cary corrected an extra charge by our current vendor that would have more than doubled our normal monthly fee. As a busy business owner, it's nice to know someone is watching over this area for us and our invoice charges won't change each month anymore.

Jon McDonald
Operations and Finance Director,
Andrews Research & Education Foundation

Medical Waste Disposal

"Cary utilized his network and expertise to show us that we could cut our rate over 20%. It was an expense that we did not know we were overpaying. Very satisfied with the savings and highly recommend."

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